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Eco Warrior

As national treasure Sir David Attenborough recently said, we are now in a global climate crisis and both companies and individuals across the world are working hard to reduce their impact on our planet. The events industry has been historically wasteful, so it’s great to see brands like Meri Meri taking the lead on developing sustainable products for children’s parties. We used bio-degradable plates by Meri Meri, combined with reusable bamboo straws and chopsticks made from a bi-product of wheat production to create this eco-conscious Japanese themed tablescape. Proving that green can be gorgeous. 


Crochet is big on the catwalk this year and the cold weather is making us reach for our chunky knits and woolly hats. The party scene is seeing a ‘not your Grandmother’s’ renaissance too, as shown in this Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs inspired staging area, complete with adorable knits! You can also embrace this theme by using macramé (this works particularly well for bohemian themes), crocheted throws and cushions. 



Despite what Instagram might suggest, not every event has to be in pastel! Bright’s are back for 2020 and in the party world, the brighter, the better! Incorporate bright colours at your next event by using neon strip lighting, neon signage, or light up photo-ops. 


The tee-pee sleepover party was all over our social in 2019 and it’s a trend that’s only set to grow in 2020. We like to put on own spin on this trend by including an interactive S’mores station with our tee-pee parties, perfect for older children (and their grown-ups!) To make your own S’mores, you’ll need Graham crackers, Hersheys chocolate, giant marshmallows, an open fires and sticks to roast! 


For beautiful, elegant events, the colour combination of white and gold is a timeless classic. This looks both breath-taking in real life and picture-perfect on the grid and is a great way to make an otherwise ‘tacky’ theme (I’m thinking many of the children’s television shows here) look attractive.