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In our household Easter is not only a National Holiday but a National treasure! It is my favourite time of year and symbolises all that is good – Spring, the long awaited return of the sunshine, time together as a family, chocolate and my birthday (ok, maybe that last one is just for me!)

With an age gap of over 10 years between my eldest and youngest child we are always searching for ways to keep everyone equally entertained. I’d love to share with you my Easter inspired tips which are sure to keep the tiniest bunnies through to the most seasoned egg hunters happy.


Get crafty!

  1. Birds Nests: A nostalgic treat that is good enough to eat! Make a deliciously chocolatey mess mixing melted chocolate with cornflakes and topping with mini eggs.


2. Hello Spring! The Spring weather is perfect for getting some much needed fresh air after the long winter. Collecting natures fallen treasures is such a fun and tactile experience in itself – making the pictures afterwards is simply the icing on the cake.

3. Tablescaping: Create a beautiful tablescape with a little help from your (little) friends. From simple details to extravagant centerpieces, the possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild!



  1. The Easter Bunny says: Simon says with an Easter twist – A few of my favourites are; The Easter Bunny says hatch from an egg, flap your wings like a chic, wiggle your bunny tail…share your eggs with Mummy (not such a popular one!)

2. Hop little Bunny: All you need is a burlap sack and a finish line!

3. Egg Roll: Ready, steady, roll! Crawl along the floor pushing using your nose to push the egg across the finish line. Sounds easy enough right? Wait until you try!


What is Easter without an Egg Hunt?

    1. Balloon Egg hunt: Marking the hidden eggs with helium filled balloons makes for a beautiful scene and helps tiny egg hunters to find their treasure. 
    2. Puzzle Egg Hunt: Puzzle pieces are hidden within eggs – when all the eggs are found and the puzzle pieced together the secret location of The Easter Bunny’s loot is revealed.
    3. Scavenger Hunt: Clues hidden in eggs will lead from one location to another until the final riddle is solved and the eggs are discovered (and eaten!)

However you decide to spend your Easter break, have a wonderful time! I’d love to hear your top tips and Easter tricks, please share with us 🙂


With love, Christie x